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CA26: Fishponds Park

Designation date: November 2004

No of properties: 223

Area: 7.8 hectares

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Designation summary

The special architectural and historic interest of this area can be summarised as: The former mid 18th century estate of The Fishponds, with the surviving core of the original house and part of the grounds laid out as a 20th century park. In addition there is a cohesive set of late 19th Century, 2 storey terraced artisan cottages, with small front gardens.

Historic development

The earliest building in this conservation area is Fishponds House which was built between 1740 and 1742. A map of 1880 shows to the south of the house a "brick field" where bricks were clearly being manufactured. It is thought that the various ponds in the park have probably been created by the excavation of brick earth for the brickworks, especially to the north of the house where a series of linked ponds and other landscape features add to the interest of the gardens. Kings Charles Crescent was built between 1880-1898 and occupies the former brickfield.

Fishponds Park today is notable for its ponds, streams, steep banks, pathways and dense hedging along the boundaries. A group of five late 19th century detached villas in Ewell Road, in Victorian Gothic style, are prominent from Fishponds Park.

Listed Buildings


Buildings of Townscape Merit

Fishponds House, 219 Ewell Road

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Further information

Fishponds Park Designation Report


If you have any questions about this conservation area or would like to find out whether you need planning permission before carrying out works to your property, please contact the Duty Planning Officer on 020 8547 5002.

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