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CA21: Coombe Hill

Designation date: January 1996

No of properties: 84

Area: 16.8 hectares


image source: Conservation Area leaflet, 2002.

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The special architectural and historic interest of this area can be summarised as: The estate and hinterland to the demolished Coombe Warren, containing several mid 19th century properties by architect George Devey and other large interesting 20th century houses in a spacious landscaped setting, adjoining Coombe Hill Golf Course.

Historical Background

Evidence of Bronze age settlement has been found in Coombe Warren Estate. By the time of Edward the Confessor (1086) there were two main settlements recorded in Coombe.

By the mid 19th century the Coombe Hill area comprised of three main estates; Coombe House (circa 1750), Coombe Warren (1869) and Coombe Cottage (1863) and was a major area of farmland up until 1860 before the subdivision of land and development of large houses and gardens. The area of Coombe Hill became well known for its large mansions, many of which were built between 1850 and 1870. The area was home to several wealthy families including the Duke of Cambridge and several prime ministers. As a result it became a popular place to live for wealthy people seeking a country seat alongside its proximity to New Malden Railway Station and access to Central London .

Historic development shows that from 1864, a walled estate known as Coombe Warren occupied the land south of Coombe Hill Road and a second estate known as Coombe Cottage Estate was developed on land to the east of Beverley Lane. Houses and outbuildings on both estates were designed by George Devey (1820-1886), an architect of repute whose mastery of vernacular building is thought to rival those of better known contemporary architects such as Norman Shaw and Philip Webb.

Today the conservation area largely comprises of twentieth century development within the grounds of two 19th century mansions.

Listed Buildings

Buildings of Townscape Merit

  • Tudor Cottage, Coombe Hill Road
  • The Wall Cottage, Coombe Hill Road
  • Soames House, Coombe Hill Road
  • Coombe Wood Cottage, Beverley lane
  • Shotover, 153 Coombe Lane West
  • Amberwood Golf Club Drive

Adjacent Conservation Areas (CA) / Local Areas of Special Character (LASC)

  • Coombe House Conservation Area

Archaeological Priority Area


Article 4 Directions


Further information

Coombe Hill Conservation Area Designation Report


If you have any questions about this conservation area or would like to find out whether you need planning permission before carrying out works to your property, please contact the Duty Planning Officer on 020 8547 5002.

Documents available to download:

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CA 21 Planning Information Conservation Area 21 - Planning Information (A5 size leaflet, fold out to A3) RBK Director of Environmental Services 2002

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